Monday, April 21, 2014

Behind the Scenes on Homeschoolers

Welcome to the lair of some Virginia homeschoolers. Now, to those homeschoolers out there, this may look familiar to you.

Books on books on books. 
Art supplies. 
The piano along one wall.
A desk covered in papers. 

This is a family with 6 kids (a common amount) and has amassed this wealth of books, supplies, and curriculums over a time span of approximately 17 years of homeschooling. 

This is what I miss most about doing school at home. Even while I was attending community college, all I had to do was ask my mom a question and she would go rummaging around our bookshelves to find a Math tutorial DVD, history book on Ronald Reagan, or even just a book with helpful and encouraging quotes. This is a common sight in classically based homeschooling.

From children's books in easy reach for the curious young minds....

To the book shelves of the oldest sibling, there is a stockpile of knowledge just waiting to be delved into.

Whatever your educational background is, I hope you enjoyed reading this homeschooler's thoughts. 
Live long and prosper, 

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