Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Glamorousness of Community College

A right of passage (at least in my homeschool group) is attending community college.

I know what you're thinking...........

And I'm not going to lie, community college really is like the TV show Community. Just add in two wanna-be sority girls and you have my health class. Add a hippie and you have my biology class.

A few observations from my time at community college:

1) The campus was bigger than the college I actually attended in NYC... But it was also 100% more terrifying because as a sophomore in High School I [felt like] I stood out like a sore thumb.

2) But no-one really cares because everyone is misfits.


Watching the first season of Community.
I enjoy it.

3) Take the right teachers - they will make all difference.

In the end, community college with its labyrinth of halls and plethora of random eclectic people that I would end up seeing around my small town was an experience I wouldn't trade.
If you went to community college, what was your experience?
Whatever your educational background is, I hope you enjoyed reading this homeschooler's thoughts. 
Live long and prosper, 

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