Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Road to College

"Homeschoolers are better prepared for college." - Anonymous


Now, here's a new stereotype for you.

What about being educated at home K-12 or even just for a portion of their educational background makes people (or at least this person) think that they are better prepared for college than the average public school student?

While I can't answer that question, I will share some of my experiences with curriculum, tutorials, and outsourced classes. These posts can be found at:



Community College as a High Schooler

Overall, these methods of obtaining my high school degree and beginning of my GED (general education) did give me a skill set that has aided me as I am continuing my educational path at The King's College.

I wouldn't say that "homeschoolers are better prepared" but our experiences with independent learning and the inherent independence homeschooling provides, can ease us into the rigors of higher education.

What was your educational path?
Whatever your educational background is, I hope you enjoyed reading this homeschooler's thoughts. 
Live long and prosper, 

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