Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutorials - The Bread and Butter of Homeschooling

What, do you think our moms teach us everything from chemical composition to Kant, Algebra to Latin, SAT prep to piano?

Sometimes the role of a homeschool mom is to outsource the teaching of certain subjects to tutorials offered by experts in their fields.

I learned chemistry in my science teacher's house, I learned writing while holding my friend's cat in their garage, and I studied philosophy in a 5 year program on my Great Books tutorial's hand-built hall. 


1) This is where you find the overachievers - people studying French on their way to class, and playing piano on break. 

2) Everyone in the homeschool community knows everyone. 

3) Yes, we really do need to know the Greek alphabet through a song.

4) If you need to get out of answering a question in online class, fake technological problems... works almost every time. 

These tutorials may have seemed like jokes at the time but the individualized nature of my "course map" has led me on the way of becoming like Montaigne's bee than sips at different flowers to create its own intellectual honey.

Did you take a tutorial? I want to know all about it!

Whatever your educational background is, I hope you enjoyed reading this homeschooler's thoughts. 
Live long and prosper, 

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